Eddie Prévost / Silvan Schmid / Richard Scott / Tapiwa Svosve quartet tour

Eddie Prévost – percussion
Silvan Schmid – trumpet
Richard Scott – viola
Tapiwa Svosve – alto saxophone
A half-English, half-Swiss quartet brought together by various relationships and meetings: the experimental and improvised music scene in Zürich where Silvan and Tapiwa grew up; Richard and Tapiwa’s Ergod duo formed after meeting at a residency in Leamington Spa in 2014; Eddie’s long-running Friday Night Workshop at the Welsh Chapel in Southwark, and the legacy and impact of his music and thinking on the three younger players, from his work with AMM in the mid-1960s up to the present day; Silvan and Tapiwa’s experiences in England, playing and listening around the Cafe OTO scene; various duos and trios formed within the four of them at different opportunities.
Their first quartet tour, through Switzerland, France and the UK in 2018, cemented a desire to explore more of the delicate, ambiguous music they found together and September 2022 sees their second tour, celebrating the release of their first album, on the wonderful Slovenian experimental label Inexhaustible Editions.

photo credit Lorenzo Pusterla / Kunstraum Walcheturm