Eastern Europeanism and Cultural Representation

What does it mean to be “Eastern European” in the UK? What kinds of discrimination do Eastern
Europeans face and how does that affect their representation in culture, art and the media? What
can we do to address negative stereotypes?. This panel brings together a group of experts exploring
these questions from academic and artistic perspectives. We will consider concepts such as
“xenoracism”, “Eastern Europeanism”, “semi-peripheries” and the “post-Cold War”, as well as the
evidence for underrepresentation and marginalisation in different spheres.
The event is part of a series linked to the project Post-Socialist Britain? Memory, Representation and
Political Identity amongst German, Polish and Ukrainian Immigrants in the UK.

Professor Manuela Boatcă is Professor of Sociology and Head of School of the Global Studies Programme at the University of Freiburg, Germany.

Professor Sara Jones is a Professor of Languages, Cultures and Societies at the University of Birmingham. She was lead author of the report In-Between Spaces: Inclusion and Representation of Central and Eastern European Art and Artists in the UK’s Creative Economies and is Principal Investigator of the Post-Socialist Britain? project.

Dr Aleksandra Lewicki is a Reader in Sociology and Co-Director of the Sussex European Institute.

Dr. Nela Milic is an artist and an academic working in media and arts and Senior Lecturer and
Contextual and Theoretical Studies Coordinator in the Design School at London College of