DON’T MIND CONTROL #8 BENEFIT FOR ACAA (Afghanistan and Central Asian Association)

The next Don’t Mind Control show of multi-disciplinary improvised collaborations will be a benefit show raising money for ACAA (Afghanistan and Central Asian Association). All proceeds from ticket sales (bar the WeGotTickets booking fee) will be sent to their crowdfunder to resettle Afghanistan refugees.
We will have performances from Wilf Rake, Kaethe Uken, Arianne Bennett, Alex Bate and 2 more TBA so it promises to be another exciting night of spontaneous music making (and general weirdness, obvs)
If you can’t make the show but wish to directly support the work ACAA do, you can make a donation here:

Tickets HERE.

You can also find out more info about ACAA here

Photo by John Convery
The Afghanistan and Central Asian Association was founded by Dr Nooralhaq Nasimi, who fled Afghanistan in 1991 and came to the UK seeking asylum with his family. Since it was founded in 2001 the ACAA’s mission has been to reduce the isolation felt by the refugee community and to promote and secure human rights in Afghanistan itself. Its key services are its ESOL for integration classes, its legal advice clinic and its women’s project which promotes women’s rights and a safe space for women refugees. In addition to this, the ACAA is a community centre, through which Afghans living in London are able to make connections, celebrate their culture and feel a sense of belonging. In 2018 the ACAA was awarded the Queens Award for its services to the community. The ACAA has recently been operating grassroots human rights and legal advice centres run by Afghans. This work has attempted to promote Afghan empowerment and a sustainable charitable sector in the country in the context of the dominance of large foreign NGOs