Data Mine

DATAMINE Reopens after the world was paused to bring you the most prolific artist in Electro CARL FINLOW!
Carl Writes as Silicon Scally, Random Factor, Voice Stealer, Il.Ek.Tro, Scarletron.

First record was on Warp in 1993. Over 100 releases including 11 albums on such labels as SCSI-AV, Trope, Klang, Soma, Playhouse, Sony, Satamile. Co founder 2020 Vision. Extensive electro and house gigs in Japan, USA, Russia and most of Europe including playing at Sonar in Barcelona in 2000. Now lives in Paris with Support from The Droid, BROKENJOE, DRPS & OMBIE HyperReal sound from Operation14 and L’Acoustics.