Culture Matters Presents: Readings From The Cry of The Poor

Culture Matters invites you to the Birmingham launch of Cry of the Poor: An Anthology of Radical Writing About Poverty. The event is hosted by Culture Matters and features readings from a number of local contributors.

The anthology contains work from over one hundred writers and artists, responding with urgency and vigour to the cry of the poor. This anthology of writing is about what poverty is, who it affects, and what it feels like. It is a little space for voices and experiences not often heard within contemporary literature. It is a space in which questions are asked and notions debated: Who are the poor? And what does poverty mean?

The work in this collection is rich and varied because the cry of the poor is rich, and varied. There are stories of joyful hope and inspiration. There are moments of quiet reflection and rigorous thought. There are triumphant flashes of ribaldry and humour. There is mourning, pain, protest, anger and celebration — a chorus of voices expressing and demanding the kind of love that could power the transformation of society.