CRUSH’s vision is to provide a safe space where queers of all types can make new friends, can express themselves through performance, and can dance together to feel joy and celebrate queerness. The night will run every 4-6 weeks, and hopes to provide a hub for the community, allowing new friendships to form, promoting queer collaboration, supporting queer artists.
The night is DIY, organised by Jess and Kez, two DJs (pronouns she/they). It’s also not-for-profit: any money made by the night will be reinvested into future events, or given to a local, community-based charity.
If you’d like to perform in the open mic, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jess & Kez by email:
Performers of all types and levels of experience are welcome, whether it be spoken word, music, dance, comedy, drag, theatre, whether you’re a seasoned performer or have only performed in your bedroom until now. If you’re interested please do get in touch!

After the open mic, get ready to dance! From pop to techno, it’ll be a genre journey that makes you wanna m o v e.

Tickets will be available soon!
Cost: free before 9:30pm, £4 after 9:30pm