Centrala Online – Live performance: Zofia Krawiec



Zofia Krawiec is a writer, artist, curator and art journalist. She is an author of the book ‘Love performance’ (2016), where she described a range of artworks created as a result of strong romantic emotions. Krawiec started and popularised the theory of ’selfie-feminism’ on Polish artistic ground.

She is an author of a feminist Instagram project called ‚Neurotic girl’, which deconstructs the cultural stereotype image of young women. Her work triggered a wave of hate speech over the Internet. Cyber-hate towards young women is one of the main topics of her artistic practice.

Director, screenwriter and the main actress of artistic TV series called ‘I burn easily’, produced in partnership with the U-jazdowski Castle of Contemporary Art in Warsaw.


Centrala Online is a curated series of talks and online performances of Centrala’s artists. Every two weeks we will be introducing a new live-stream video on our youtube channel.