Centrala Online – Artist talk: Paulina Korobkiewicz, Natalia Domagala



Barbara Mihályi is a Hungarian artist, filmmaker and photographer. A graduate of the Hungarian University of Fine Art, she lives and works in Padova, Italy. In 2017 she did an artist residency in Birmingham. Barbara works in photography and video with a playful and seductive style that overcomes the boundaries of the lens and speaks to you in a way only a friend could; honest, critical and caring. Barbara’s work is often personal; her project documenting the ups and downs of her recently diagnosed illness received critical acclaim and was featured in 2017 Best of Diploma exhibition at the Hungarian University of Fine Art. She has exhibited in Hungary, Spain, Italy and in the UK.

She continued her honest discussion through a video form on her YouTube channel, where she shares her struggles as an artist and documents the blooming of an entrant artist.

Currently she is working in the topic of bodyconsciousness and nature. She is interested in the concept of freedom; what ‘total freedom’ means for the individual and for the body itself. What is freedom? Can we experience total freedom? How far does my freedom last? These are the questions Barbara is focused on at the moment.

Barbara’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_barbart_/


Centrala Online is a curated series of talks and online performances of Centrala’s artists. Every two weeks we will be introducing a new live-stream video on our youtube channel.

Centrala Online: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgzjXvfVv3We8jAPLH397fg