Centrala Connecting Communities Online Session:Alexandra Anușcă

Friday 08.05.2020 @ 06:00 P.M.
Join our Central Connecting Communities Online session!

Delivering the session will be award winning soprano Alexandra Anușcă who will delight us with an interactive A capella performance and talk about the benefits of music during lockdown.

Alexandra Anușcă – Soprano is a Romanian artist who has been awarded the Ashleyan Opera Prize in 2019, and is currently enrolled in her second year of Masters at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.You can watch some of her performance and find out more about her here:


This event is part of our Centrala Connecting Communities in partnership with Birmingham City Councill.

Co-organisers of this event are the arts and culture platform Ii4U which you can find out more about here:


Everyone is welcome to join the workshop.

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See you there! :)