Centrala Connecting Communities Online-EIF live interactive music set





EIF is a Polish experimental music duo based in Birmingham.

Eclectic, electronic music producers- they have been working in this industry for the last decade with huge successes, in recent years, as their sought after producing style has captured the hearts and ears of some of the city’s most renowned musicians.

Their repertoire includes everything from soundtracks to remixes, art installations to festivals sets, and their never the same live sessions across Europe.

Their works include electronica, neo-classical, ambient, electro-acoustic, world music, and often their clean-cut beats and unlikely instrumentation cannot fit into any known genre, yet it is exceptional in its ability to engage and intrigue the listener.


Centrala Connecting Communities Online is our online programme dedicated to interactive events for the Central and Eastern European Community.

This programme is part of our Centrala Connecting Communities project in partnership with Birmingham City Council.