Drop in and out of any of the following performances in the BEDLAM showcase of scratch, works in progress and rehearsed readings.

Lifeline by Peter Harrison
Lifeline is a play about what it is to really listen to someone when life gets unbearable. A harrowingly human set of conversations that will leave you challenged and at times deeply uncomfortable, yet with an enduring sense of hope. Lifeline is brought out of a great number of such conversations that have happened in real life. There is no theatricality here, only the simplicity of being human together.
This piece has been supported by The Birmingham Repertory Theatre.

Rita Suszek – Works in Progress
Rita is a Polish multi-disciplinary artist based in London, UK. They work within theatre, poetry, comedy, improv and drag. Credits include solo comedy shows: Fuck It, I’m Thirty (2017) and F*cking European (2018), as well as a solo theatre show Five Dresses I Never Wear (2018 – present).
This piece has been supported by Centrala.

Omar Khan Presents A Beginner’s Guide to Widowhood
Scripted by Rae Mainwaring
Suria has just lost her husband (she hasn’t misplaced him or anything – he’s dead).
The family are on holiday in Turkey, to process their grief. But fraught emotions and the turbulent dynamics of a newly fractured family mean it isn’t exactly the restful getaway they had hoped for.
A piece of new writing that challenges the roles society places on women, exploring the bereavement journey of a young widow.
This piece has been supported by Derby Playhouse, In Good Company, The Big House (ERDF) & China Plate with support from Arts Council England.

One further performance TBC