BEAST: Raw Green Rust
We take BEAST into the city for this Centrala take-over weekend and welcome sound artists, composers and researchers for two evening gigs that explore the huge breadth of creativity and sub-genres in the world of electroacoustics and sound art.
Raw Green Rust is an improvising laptop trio that makes gnarly glitch-dub by exploiting the interconnectedness of its constituent members & technical ecosystems. A founding principle of the trio when it formed in 2008 was to try to make a virtue of the confusion of agency that collective laptop music can exhibit. To this end, an important aspect of their approach is to be constantly sampling and transforming each other, in pursuit of an organic, shifting sound mass. They can embellish this basic approach with various technical mediations that, for instance, (mis)use machine listening technologies to promote or disrupt the continual co-tuning of the three humans. Those humans are Jules Rawlinson, Owen Green and Dave Murray-Rust.
Jules is composer and performer that works with electronic sounds and digital visuals to explore gestures, detail and textures through buffer scratching, corpus scrubbing and waveform scuffing. He is a Lecturer in Digital Design at Edinburgh University
Owen is a composer-improviser, theorist and builder of strange, hybrid instruments/pieces that try, playfully, to adapt to their surroundings. He is Senior Research Fellow in Creative Coding at the Centre for Research in New Music, University of Huddersfield, working on the ERC-funded FluCoMa project.
Dave explores the messy terrain between people, data and things through a combination of making and thinking. Musically, he tries to make computer performance as responsive and generous as possible. He is an Associate Professor in Human-Algorithm Interaction at TU Delft