BEAST: Dushume, mxwx +The Animalizer, Jake Williams
We take BEAST into the city for this Centrala take-over weekend and welcome sound artists, composers and researchers for two evening gigs that explore the huge breadth of creativity and sub-genres in the world of electroacoustics and sound art.
Amit D Patel, aka Dushume, is an experimental noise and sound artist, influenced by Asian underground music and DJ culture. His work focuses on performing and improvising with purpose built do-it-yourself instruments, and recording these instruments incorporating looping, re-mixing and re-editing techniques. Lack and loss of control are central to his work. He has a PhD in Music, “Studio Bench: the DIY nomad and Noise Selector” (2019), from the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. He is a member of the Sound/Image Research group at the University of Greenwich, London, and Principal Investigator for the AHRC Research Grant “Exploring Cultural Diversity in Experimental Sound” (2021-22) –
mxwx (Maria Witek) is a music scientist and live coder. She live codes dance music partly informed by her academic research, which investigates the relationship between musical groove, body-movement and affect.
The animalizer is an occasional live video project by Patrick Valiquet.
Jake Williams cut his teeth playing live electronics with the Warp-signed avant-jazz band Red Snapper, as well as creating music and sound design for major TV shows, high-profile ad campaigns and the occasional well-received techno record. He currently works as a composer, researcher, improviser and educator with particular interest in radical creative applications of digital DJ technology. He regularly performs solo and with a number of different international audio visual and live art collaborations (Mutek/EM15, Sonar, National Space Centre, The Lowry, NIME, Open Out Tromsø, Drill Festival). He currently lectures on BA and MA programmes in Creative Music Production at ICMP, London and is undertaking a practice-based PhD in Music Composition at Birmingham University.