Avon Terror Corps showcase w/ Concentration / Sophrosyne / Monika Badly + ZD Grafters / Blanch Sting

Representatives of Avon Terror Corps, Bristol’s noisiest and most exciting multi-genre experimental crew, slither out of their Avon and up ours (ask a waterways buff…) into the Birmingham canal network, hauling out of the Digbeth Branch Canal at Centrala to proffer up their very weird wares. Featuring:

CONCENTRATION – “Back with another dose of industrial couples-issues & anthemic social-purge electro-pop, it’s yer favourite Aussie/Deutsch swamp beat trio Concentration, in an all-original gutter-jazz no-cabaret odyssey!” Did we say something about Bristol? Imply that this was a showcase of Bristol-based acts on a Bristol label, maybe? This bunch of pretenders are definitely actually Melbourne-via-Berlin, but don’t hold that against them. While it is true to say that they are 0% from Bristol, they are, at least… Bristol-adjacent? We’re very lucky that we’ve managed to bag one of just a couple of dates on this all-too-rare visit to the UK.

SOPHROSYNE – “a barrage of everything you could imagine. Doom drenched glitch chorals, gabba-fuelled dungeon synth, extreme metal club weapons… an outburst of pure kinetic energy and escapist theatricality that seems designed for a world where ravers and moshers unite to finally overthrow the drudgery of existence.” – The Quietus

MONIKA BADLY – fresh from storming the has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed Phlegmgasm stage at Balter, and with 2021 EP ‘The Birth Complete’ recently reissued on influential noise label Industrial Coast, ‘Bristol’s Dirtiest Noise Goblin’ (anyone even remotely familiar with the Bristol music scene will know just how hotly contested that title is) will be previewing material from a deeply unpleasant full length soon to be released on ATC.

Plus support from top local noise-jazz duo ZD GRAFTERS, and a closing set of anxiety-inducing dance bangers from Birmingham’s most cripplingly self-conscious DJ, Centrala favourite BLANCH STING. This summer’s most weird and uncomfortable party!

Tickets: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/theacidmorris/943540
(No-one turned away due to lack of funds – drop us an email at info@midlandmetroalliance.org)