Arada // Street Smart – Artist Talk

Arada // Street Smart is a project by Marco Di Nunzio & Adelaide Di Nunzio that narrates the lives of street hustlers in Arada, the old city centre of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

In March 2024, Arada was razed to the ground to create space for new infrastructural and real estate developments.

This exhibition at CENTRALA is an attempt to preserve some of the narratives and memories lost with the recent demolitions.

On 7 May 2024 we invite you to the exhibition opening and artist talk taking place at Centrala Gallery in Digbeth at 6pm.

Special guests Vanley BurkeBiruk TerefeAdelaide Di Nunzio and Marco Di Nunzio will talk about photography, ethnography and documenting inner cities at a time of radical changes and unjust developments. The event will be moderated by Anita Shervington.