All Systems Go

Artists confirmed for the series are: Egyptian electronic audio-visual artist Shadwa Ali, Iraqi-British musician and composer Khyam Allami, British bandleader and drummer Kai Chareunsy, Japanese musician and sound artist Rie Nakajima, Polish multi-instrumentalist and singer Ela Orleans, British art experimental composition duo 7Balcony, Italian illustrator-performer Conny Prantera, and British jazz composer, improviser and guitarist Steve Saunders.


“We are now operating within the parameters of a ‘new normal’, and in a post-Brexit world. It is widely acknowledged that the past year has been a difficult and transformative experience for artists, musicians, venue staff, live music sector workers and music fans. All Systems Go is a multi-disciplinary and intersectional programme response from Centrala, where we ask a group of exciting artists to share their worldview through cutting-edge music and digital media, and invite music and arts fans to start the journey back to collective listening and watching together with us.” – Alicja Kaczmareck, founder-director of Centrala.


The commissions will be presented as a mix of in-person shows and live-streamed performances, beginning in June 2021. Keep your eyes on our socials for more details of how you can experience this exciting project!