?-?All Systems Go – Centrala and Supersonic present: Blue Ruth, Conny Prantera & Khyam Allami, Tarik Barri and Nakul Krishnamurthy

The grand finale of the All Systems Go series. Centrala and Supersonic Festival are thrilled to present live performances from THE SEER (Conny Prantera), Blue Ruth as well as a screening of a brand new collaboration between Khyam Allami, Tarik Barri and Nakul Krishnamurthy. The event will be taking over the entire space with performances both taking place inside and out of the building. There will be limited capacity and social distancing in place.


THE SEER aka. Conny Prantera has built a striking career in illustration, video art, music and multimedia work, sewing a rich tapestry that ties contemporary experimental forms with the long tradition of female visionary art. Her creations are full of dark meditations on man’s relationship to the natural world and the historical vanquishing of matriarchal systems; it draws its lineage from magic and esotericism by means of dreamwork, poetry and intimate confession. She will be presenting a brand new performance entitled THE SEER: HUMAN?

Khyam Allami, Tarik Barri, Nakul Krishnamurthy

Primarily an Oud player, Khyam’s artistic research focuses on the development of contemporary and experimental practice based on the fundamentals of Arabic music, with a focus on tuning and microtonality.

This exciting commission will see Khyam collaborate with composer and singer Nakul Krishnamurthy audio visual artist Tarik Barri. The collaboration will explore and develop connections between Arabic and Indian music. exploring phonemes and solmization from both Arabic and Sanskrit, manipulating Carnatic/Hindustani vocalisations into different tunings by modulating through Raga/Arab Maqam/African tonalities.

BLUE RUTH – ‘Mausoleum’ EP Launch (live performance)

Noisy, synth led, electronic, industrial music with post-punk sensibilities. Blue Ruth is a semi-improv genre crossing experience by Kaila Whyte of Birmingham punk band Youth Man and noise-trio Pretty Grim. This event will see the launch of her striking debut EP ‘Mausoleum’, which will be available on limited edition tape cassette – released on the newly reformed Capsule Recordings label.