Acid Morris & Friends Presents: UKAEA | GOBLIN BAND | DJ WIDE 4 FIVE

How better to celebrate midsummer (ish) than with your favourite semi-local Morris side, The Acid Morris?

This edition’s selection of the great and good from the noise, folk and hard dance scenes:


State of the Nation music, this. Unfortunately for those living in it. Bleak but banging, the freewheeling collaborative noise techno project will be appearing as… *rolls dice* …a three-piece, this time, apparently. Perfect soundtrack to midsummers to come, that are only going to get more ever-more stifling.


Straight off the back of the Stick in the Wheel gig, and going from the band that defines the scene to the most exciting new act of the moment, The Acid Morris are bringing you another of the UK’s best contemporary folk groups – Goblin Band, the radical collective at the forefront of the current queer folk revival. It’s hard to write copy about folk music that makes it sound new and fresh while also projecting the fact that the act described meaningfully and interestingly interprets traditional material, but… that is what they do, and you should come and see them do it. If you need convincing, go read an article by an actual music journalist rather than relying on a promoter who obviously has skin in the game, anyway. Maybe this one?


Not only the best DJ that we saw at Bangface, but also the best DJ that we saw at Boomtown and the best DJ that we saw at Balter. Where do you go after playing event-defining manic, hard, fast and fun sets at all of the big ‘B’ festivals that define the UK hard, fast and fun music scene? Acid Morris event, obviously. Expect a classic Acid Morris breakcore mosh-pit, cause, well… what’s the point in having 20 Morris dancers if you can’t start your own mosh pit?


ACID MORRIS SOUNDSYSTEM LIVE – now equipped with better sync utilities, this will go hard this time. One time only (or maybe not – could be the start of a new midsummer tradition?) post-solstice ritual variation. [Possible substitution on the night: watch three grown men cry!]

BRAND NEW ACID MORRIS DJs – (almost) a whole new roster, playing various styles of (Acid) Morris-adjacent music across two rooms. Fed the last lot to the Beast – wasn’t anything particularly wrong with them, we just don’t want this to get stale.

THE BEAST – guaranteed to scare children and 67% of right-thinking adults. Now with creepy jaw-gnashing action!

LOADS OF STROBES – and now we actually know how to work them! Will the epileptic Morris dancer remember to take his medication? Would you notice the difference if he didn’t? [This might appear to be a joke in poor taste, but unfortunately it is actually a real-life historical anecdote in poor taste.]

UNNECESSARILY LARGE SMOKE MACHINE – you will literally not be able to see anything! Saves you watching all this bloody Morris dancing, at least. (No complaints please, the promoter is very precious about his favourite new toy.)

DANCE WORKSHOP – whether you like it or not. Will we teach the same dance again, or will it be a new one this time? I ask again – would you notice the difference?

MC DADDY ACID – “UK’s most confusing MC.” DJ Mag Best of British Awards 2023: ‘Most Impressive Beard’.

(No-one turned away due to lack of funds: just drop us an email at

oh… and some acid techno Morris dancing, or something? Is that a thing? It is in Birmingham!