6 steps to design your life in the UK – online workshop

The only person standing in your way is… you!
That and bad habits, like the little voice inside your head that tells you that you are not good enough…
So, how can you change that?

• What are the 6 mistakes mistakes to avoid when building new life in a foreign country?
• How to find your support network?
• How to change your way of thinking to more constructive and start enjoying life?

Join our workshop with psychologist Angelina Piechowska and discover how to re-program yourself and start moving forward instead of standing in one place!

Angelina Piechowska is a psychologist and educator as well as author of the book ‘Let’s talk about you’ and ‘Design your life in the UK’ programme, which empowers migrant communities to aim higher in life and build a clear vision of one’s future.

How to join:
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Click on the link
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