100 Years, So What? Exhibition Opening

100 Years, So What? exhibition by Polish multimedia artists: Ma?gorzata Dawidek, Iwona Demko, Dorota Hadrian, Zofia Krawiec, Katarzyna Perlak, Alicja Rogalska and SIKSA

Join us for pre-opening discussion with author Agata Pyzik and artists Katarzyna Perlakk and Ma?gorzata Dawidek to discuss exhibition themes with Alicja Kaczmarek.

2018 marks the centenary of women gaining voting rights in many countries around the world including Poland and the UK. Artists show their works that enter into a dialogue on what this centenary means for women now, through the new mediums of avant-garde art.

The title of the exhibition includes a sceptical “so what?” However, despite all these doubts and concerns the message is far from being pessimistic – provoking perhaps, a bit angry, most of all it reflects on achievements, failures and neglects over a hundred years of women’s civil independence. The exhibition examines the contemporary innovative and experimental women’s art as a channel towards radical redefinition of the position of women in politics, society, family, or history.(Urszula Chowaniec)

A natural development of the exhibition is the Instagram account @100yearssowhat led by Polish feminist artist and writer Zofia Krawiec. We encourage girls and women from around the world to tell us what women’s rights means for them today using the hashtag #100yearsSOWHAT


Associated Events:

11th-12th June 2018 Conference; Sold Out! Impacts of Gender Discourse on Polish Politics, Society organised by Urszula Chowaniec (London, UCL)

13th June 2018 Exhibition Discussion (Centrala)

15th June 2018 Exhibition Tour – 100 Years, So What: Polish Multimedia Artists

21th June 2018 Anna Jochymek ‘Melody of Nostalgia’ Sound Performance(Centrala)

19th July 2018 Feminist Art Seminar (Centrala)

19th July 2018 SIKSA Performance – 100 Years, So What? (Finissage)(Centrala)


Leading illustration by Patrycja Podko?cielny: www.podkoscielny.com