Vlatka Horvat, a distinguished artist renowned for her dynamic use of a range of media including sculpture, installation, drawing, performance, photography, video, and writing, recently concluded a significant artistic residency at Centrala. During this residency, part of the Hybrid Landscape programme, funded by Art Council England Horvat developed several projects that further solidified her reputation for challenging traditional perceptions of space and interaction. One of her notable works, the film “Until the Last of Our Labours Is Done” (2021), explores the nuanced interplay between human activity, objects, and the environment, themes that resonate deeply with Centrala’s commitment to fostering artistic dialogue.

In addition, Alicja Kaczmarek, Director of Centrala, travelled to Venice to attend Horvat’s “By the Means at Hand” exhibition at the 60th Venice Biennale. This innovative exhibition, curated by Antonia Majaca, was a highlight of the Biennale, featuring a sustainable and collaborative approach to the exchange of artworks. By utilising an informal network of couriers instead of traditional transportation methods, Horvat facilitated a unique artistic exchange, underscoring her dedication to environmental consciousness and the creation of new communal experiences in the art world.

These recent activities highlight Vlatka Horvat’s continuous influence in the realms of contemporary art and cultural discourse, engaging audiences both locally and internationally.

Horvat’s work and her unique approach to the Venice Biennale were featured in an insightful interview with Lynx magazine. In the interview titled “By the Means at Hand,” conducted by Aleksandra Mainka-Paw┼éowska, Horvat  discussed the themes and processes behind her projects.

Vlatka Horvat’s residency at Centrala, which began in March 2024, is still ongoing through dynamic online sessions and interviews, continuing to foster meaningful artistic exchange and dialogue.