Centrala is thrilled to announce the commencement of an exciting new project in collaboration with Baan Noorg, supported by the British Council’s Connections Through Culture Programme. This initiative, focused on integration, diversity, and racial justice, aims to foster an exchange of knowledge and creative practices between the UK and Thailand.

About the Project

This cooperation and exchange project brings together two creative organisations run by minority and ethnic groups: Centrala from the UK and  Baan Noorg from Thailand. The project will explore the diverse perspectives and creative processes of both cultures, emphasising the positive value of migrant workers and cultural exchanges. Through short residencies, artists from both countries will engage with local migrant workers, artists, and audiences, creating new and unique artworks that highlight underrepresented voices and experiences.

The project is structured in three stages:

  1. Online Knowledge Exchange: Initial phase involving online meetings, workshops, and public seminars focused on diversity and the role of art in promoting equality.
  2. Artist Selection and Creation: Choosing artists and artworks for exhibitions in both countries, with a focus on sustainable art production.
  3. In-Person Residencies: Artists and curators will visit each other’s spaces, culminating in exhibitions, panel discussions, workshops, curatorial visits, and film screenings.

Artists in Residency

We are excited to introduce the key figures representing Centrala in Thailand:

  • Alicja Kaczmarek. Director of Centrala, will be leading the residency. Alicja is a renowned advocate for diversity and integration in the arts, bringing her extensive experience in cultural leadership and community engagement.
  • Magdalena Kij. An artist and activist from the Polish diaspora, Magdalena uses performance, printmaking, drawing, installation, sculpture, book and zine making, banners, and music to explore themes of migration, displacement, alienation, and self-determination. She is also a Community Connector serving Central and Eastern European communities in Manchester through art and well-being activities.

The residency in Thailand started on 5th of July 2024 and is currently ongoing. The Thai artists’ residency will be hosted at Centrala in Birmingham from 9-23 September 2024. This exchange will provide a unique opportunity for both communities to learn from each other’s creative practices and cultural contexts.

Follow the Residency Journey

We are excited to share that we will be updating our followers about the Thai residency through our social media platforms. This will include a Thai Residency Diary, capturing the process as an art form. Every week, we will provide exciting updates about their residency in Thailand, offering a glimpse into their experiences and creative journey.

Supporting the British Council

This project is supported by the British Council’s Connections Through Culture Programme. We are proud to acknowledge their support in making this project possible. This initiative underscores the importance of cultural exchange and the role of art in fostering mutual understanding and respect across diverse communities.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project as we embark on this journey of creativity and collaboration!