On March 15th, We have hosted a launch of the report we produced reflecting on implementation od Homes for Ukraine Scheme. Centrala have been delivering several projects supporting Ukrainian refugees in Birmingham and alongside this we have worked for 12 months gathering evidence, voices, opinions and academic analysis into the scheme and its effectiveness both local and nationally. The projects are funded by Birmingham City Council .

This pivotal gathering at Centrala underscored the instrumental contributions of Birmingham City Council, Centrala, and the University of Birmingham into implementation spotlighted the academic insights into ‘The Homes for Ukraine Scheme: A Report on Collaboration, Challenges, and Change’. This event illuminated the critical roles in providing a lifeline to Ukrainian refugees, fostering a deep dive into the scheme’s impact and implementation challenges.

The gathering served as an analytical lens, evaluating the scheme’s impact and applauding Centrala’s foresight in offering solace and stability to Ukrainian refugees in Birmingham ahead of official governmental measures. Centrala’s initiative highlighted the power of community spirit and the importance of creating a sanctuary for those displaced by turmoil.

Insights were shared by Marsela Hoxha from the Birmingham City Council, Professor Sara Jones and Dr Natalia Kogut from the University of Birmingham, alongside the experienced perspectives of Alicja Kaczmarek, Director of Centrala, and Dr Roch Dunin-Wąsowicz from the UCL Social Research Institute. Their narratives provided a comprehensive view of the scheme’s landscape, intertwining threads of experience and expertise. This exchange of wisdom paved the way for a resonant panel discussion, where a diverse audience engaged with the complexities of The Homes for Ukraine Scheme, united by the goal of fostering community resilience.

The evening was further enriched by the emotional performances of Nadejda Postulatti and Irina Chagunava, whose vocals and soulful piano interpretations of Ukrainian and Georgian compositions added a profound layer of reflection and hope. Their artistry encapsulated the event’s emotional journey, touching the audience’s heartstrings.

This memorable evening became a symposium of heartfelt remembrance, a forum for dialogue to craft a collaborative future, and a testament to the collective resolve to continue offering unwavering support amid ongoing challenges.