As part of our collaborative research project with the University of Birmingham  Post Socialist Britain?  we are presenting zine making workshops to accompany the exhibition HOMELAND:

Exploring the Art of Zine Making with Jaskirt Dhaliwa-Boora and Paulina Korobkiewicz

On 25th October 6 – 8 pm and on 26th October 1 – 3 pm

This inspiring zine-making workshop is  open to all, serving as a platform for Ukrainian migrants to tell unique stories through the art of photography and zine making. The workshops are a safe space to share ideas and experience where we’ll explore the multifaceted concept of ‘home’—what it means to us and the possibilities it holds. Workshops are free and can be booked here

Sequencing and Storytelling for Local Artists with Paulina Korobkiewicz and James Cunliffe

On 13th November, 6-9pm

This workshop is aimed at artists and professionals. Join us for a zine-making workshop tailored for artists seeking to transform their work into captivating zines. Explore themes of identity, collective memory, and creating a portrait of a place as we learn about sequencing and storytelling. Bring images that resonate with your heritage or your connection to a meaningful place, or anything else you would like to make a zine out of. Exchange ideas and inspirations with fellow creatives during our artist networking drinks in the final hour. 

Workshop is free, booke here 

To find out more about the project please click here or visit the project website