One Year On: Building Solidarity In The Creative Sector will explore and discuss creative solidarity movements for social change in times of conflict. A Hybrid Symposium, people will have the chance to participate Online and in person at Centrala’s Space.

As advocates for Ukrainian and wider CEE (Central and Eastern European) communities in the UK, Centrala has been working tirelessly over the past year to support Ukrainian arrivals to the UK, as well as platforming CEE artists and their work both in the UK and internationally.

It has been an extraordinary and challenging year – to mark the collaborations, partnerships, conversations and experience gained along the way, Centrala envisages to call an open conversation to imagine how the next steps in building the momentum of collective solidarity, action and learning. One Year On: Building Solidarity In The Creative Sector proposes the following enquiries: How can we form a national solidarity platform for all the displaced Ukrainian creatives in a divided and polarised society? How can we draw on the current decolonial, and postconflict knowledge and experience?

What are the existing platforms of support and creative practices for both Ukrainian displaced and migrant creatives that are in existence and how can we ensure their better visibility and accessibility?
How can we better platform the existing national support initiatives?

Moderator: Maria Montague– Ukrainian Institute London
Liudmyla Nychai
Maria Proshkovska
Vladyslav Vazheyevskyy

How not to create a bubble – How do we best utilise the knowledge we already have from the past responses to war and conflict in former Yugoslavia, displacement and refugee crisis in UK’s creative sector. How we can build on the experiences of others when building platforms of solidarity.

Moderator: Tina Hofman– Centrala, UoB, independent artist and producer
Dr Nela Milic
Dr,Paul Lowe
Mladen Miljanovic

How can we learn from examples of collaboration within the creative Armenian communities? How can we learn from artists living in Armenia and in the UK, in active conflict? How can governmental and non-governmental organisations utilise their resources, actively assisting creatives at risk?

Moderator: Alicja Kaczmarek – Centrala Space

Tatevik Ayvazyan
Anna Kamay
Karen Babayan

Panels will be followed by a Q&A session

The end of the Symposium will be followed by a curator’s tour by Rafailia Thiraiou of the exhibition ‘Heterotopias in the Turbulent Zone’ ARTLABYEREVAN