We are proud to launch CEEus.
See Chances. Inspire Changes. Make Noise.
A network of collective innovators creating a Migrant presence.
In the past yearss, we have been fostering communities and establishing a Central and Eastern European migrant presence in the UK society, public life, cultural scene and beyond.
We are now ReBranding and bringing centrala communities into CEEus, One Network.
Our main aims are to address the underrepresentation of Central and Easter European migrants in the UK , xeno-racism and hostility. We want to encourage, empower and promote CEE migrant individuals to share their voices and we want to foster networks to take action. We want to train future leaders and migrant activists.
We are encouraging collaborations, developing individual practices and promoting CEE leadership and talent. Bearing in mind different individual and communities needs we are achieving this with several initiatives:
-CEE Leaders Forum. Regular meetings of the CEE community of leaders providing response, representation and promotion of migrant rights.
-CEE Forum. A monthly opportunity to meet others and discuss issues relevant to our communities and build solidarity, open to all.
Unleash your social power program. A migrant leadership and activism training programs
-CEE Creatives Network. A Network to support CEE migrant creatives currently working in the UK arts and culture sector.
-Skills and professional development and training workshops.
No matter what your professional background. CEEus, is a community of all CEE migrants who want to participate and develop their careers.
You can now sign up for our mailing list where you can get news on new events and opportunities and Join the CEE us. Centrala Communities Network for a members-only training, workshops and support.
You can also Sign Up for our first Development sessions.
FIRED UP … READY TO GO. A programme to unleash your social power
A huge thank you to Paul Hamlyn Foundation for providing the funding for creating social change.