Centrala are delighted to announce the launch of Ukrainske Kino – a selection of contemporary Ukrainian short films that continues our work of celebrating Ukrainian arts and culture in the wake of Russia’s invasion. The reality of war is not forgotten by this programme, though it invites you to explore the diversity of cinema currently being produced in this region – ranging from documentary to experimental animation.
Produced in collaboration with Takflix and funded by Film Hub West Midlands.
#SolidaritywithUkraine #TakBrum
Me and Mariupol, dir. Piotr Armianovski (2017) 10 min
‘For the first time I saw the sea in Mariupol. I think this town has got a fairy tale. After 20 years I went on to find it.’
Deep Water, dir. Anna Dudko (2021) 6 min
‘A lonely chubby mermaid is keen on peeking at people through the water pipelines using magic. One day she falls in love with a man and, blinded by passion, comes into his apartment to satisfy her burning desires.’
Deep Love, dir. Mykyta Lyskov (2019) 14 min
‘Love story with characters. The tape consists of episodes unrelated to the storyline and stylistically, which have a unified mood and a unified meaning. The film was shot without words, a witty story-meditation on relationships between people is revealed through sounds.’
Diorama, dir. Zoya Laktionova (2018) 12 min
‘Life flows in its everyday reality, but then suddenly something elusive changes its course. All that is left is the chance to plunge into memories where everything is preserved, as if in a museum.’
Petrivka-requiem, dir. Kate Voznytsya (2018) 6 min
‘Adventures of a disoriented subject under the chaotic decommunization. An instant of toposonic confusion when habitude is broken. The film was inspired by the official renaming of Petrivka metro station. The name, which derived from the surname of the Soviet communist Petrovsky was replaced with an ancient hydronym Pochaina. The renaming led to re-recording of all Kyiv metro announcements with a new voice, while the old one had gone for good.’
Preview Screening 01.10.2022 from 7.30PM
Screening continuously during opening hours.
05.10.2022 – 28.10.2022
12-6PM Wednesday to Saturday