Rosie’s quartet of vocals & glockenspiel, offkilter synths (Piera Onacko), swarming bass (Dan Cippico) and textural drums (Kai Chareunsy) will perform the EP in full alongside new un-recorded material.
Support from…
LYNNEBEC x WILDFORMS: a one-time-only reimagining of the ‘Anchors’ seamonster performed with an electro-organic soundtrack.
SEALIONWOMAN: a duo who’s hauntingly beautiful songs on double-bass and jazz vocals will open the night.

• Limited edition Earth, Embrace Me In 12” Vinyl will be on sale for £15
• Only 50 capacity show, be quick with your tickets!
• Pan-Pan is nestled away on Floodgate Street (opposite The Ruin)
• Furniture from OBJETC will be in the room – please be careful/no spills!
Let’s have a big un! xxx