Given their critical role in ‘protecting the NHS and saving lives’ and their structurally disadvantaged position, we need to know more about the health, social, economic and cultural impacts of Covid-19 on their lives, and whether these impacts coincide with migrants’ intentions to stay in the UK. To explore these issues with an adequate level of nuance and detail, this study focuses on one prominent migrant group, Polish migrants, as a case study. The project investigates how the pandemic affects their everyday lives and settlement plans in the UK.

Methodologically, the project involves an online survey to map Covid-19 impacts on Polish essential workers in the UK, online interviews with Polish essential workers and expert interviews with key stakeholders providing information and support to migrant workers in the UK.

The project is being carried out by a group of researchers at the University of Glasgow, Middlesex University and the University of Sheffield with the support of the Polish Social and Cultural Association (POSK), Centrala, Fife Migrants Forum and PKAVS Minority Communities Hub.

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