We will be chatting with:

* Hanna OlssonTrans Europe Halles – network of cultural centres with members in 36 European countries.
Trans Europe Halles convert abandoned buildings across Europe into vibrant centres for arts and culture. By doing so, they transform communities, neighbourhood and cities.
* Claudia Zeiske – founding Director of Deveron Projects from 1995-2021. Her balanced approach lies between artistic criticality and community involvement with artists from across the globe. Claudia is involved in many Brexit-focused projects, highlighting the effects of Brexit on Scottish and European art infrastructures.
* Clymene Christoforou – founding member and executive director of D6: Culture in Transit, where she oversees programme and arts development, focusing on international collaboration and developing a strong international platform for local engagement.
* Alicja Kaczmarek – director and founder of Centrala, Centrala Berlin. Alicja’s dedication to community development, social action and social justice, is rooted in years of professional experience and involvement in promotion of equality and human rights. Alicja has a degree in Sociology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland and an MA in Social Policy from the University of Birmingham.