Two electronic music creators touring together and launching their new projects and albums.
Tickets: £5


V-Stók (Amek, DVNTT)

V-Stók, aka Valentin Doychinov, is a Bulgaria born, Bristol-based electronic musician, guitarist and producer. His works find inspiration in exploring the grey areas between club music, classical avant garde and experimental electronic genres. His approach is highly improvisational and reliant on finding and ‘reverse engineering’ happy accidents as a means of overcoming the limitations of his conscious mind. His releases cover a broad spectrum from experimental dance music to abstract ambient and his works have been featured in outlets such as XLR8R, Hyponik, Igloo, The Brvtalist and others.

Aquatic Rituals is an ambient album which explores the human connection to water bodies such as rivers, sea, and ponds through sound metaphors. Melodic and rhythmic elements float through dense layers of aquatic noise, atmospheres and chaos. These are achieved through a combination of hydrophone, field recordings, synthesis and electro-acoustic performance.


Mytrip (Amek)

Mytrip is a solo project of Angel Simitchiev, a Sound Art lecturer in Sofia’s National Academy of Arts, currently a PhD student in Institute of Art Studies at Bulgaria’s National Academy of Science. With a background in the hardcore/punk scene Angel has turned Mytrip in an aggressive live experience while still exploring sound gravitating around ambient and drone. His work is often found in collaboration with video art, theatre, fashion, contemporary dance and performance.

In 2020 Mytrip will be touring with his upcoming LP “Keeper” which explores a way more melodic side of his music. Mytrip has been around for over a decade now, mostly releasing music on tapes and vinyl. He’s performed live in England, France, Belgium, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and of course all around Bulgaria.