Harsh pummelling industrial electronics from Minehead. Listen to the excellent release via Outsider Art.

“Satori has been there since the start, with having early releases on the legendary Broken Flag. The project has gone through a variety of changes and line ups, and today is the solo project of founder Dave Kirby.

On this release, subtle rhythms creep in and fade away behind thick walls of static industrial synths, with vocals and samples sprinkled sparingly and effectively through out. The sound of a true veteran keeping their sound fresh and vital.”


Emotive and introverted power electronics from Brighton. Listen to the new melancholic release via Outsider Art.

“Recorded in the last days of the first decade of the 21st century, in a time of both personal and political uncertainty, “The Future Grows Beneath My Skin” is made up of two tracks of straight-to-tape, no-fi bleakness. Hints of melody and melancholy rise from behind layers of murky electronics and distortion.”


Harsh and Cathartic power electronics from Cardiff. Listen to the most recent and excellent release via Outsider Art.

“Returning to Outsider Art for their second release, Ordeal By Roses continues to prove themselves as one the most promising new acts in the UK. Melancholic synth lines contrast against strained screams and harsh textures to create truly emotive atmospheres. There is no doubting the raw honesty and vulnerability on display, and the growth from the first release to this is massive. “Trauma electronics for wartime conditions”.”


Crippling and introspective Harsh Noise from Cardiff. Chaotic and precise in execution yet ripples into crushing scraps of noise and mechanically unsettling atmospheres. Listen to the most recent and overwhelming release via the bandcamp.


Birmingham based electro-acoustic sci-fi soundtracking sonics