Join George Scoley and Robert Dyster as they explore a number of works from the 20th Century, as well as a world premiere by composer James Abel. Works span from Cage’s famous 4’33” to works from lesser known composers such as Anthony Polg’s Postcards III.


This is Rubbish – Wasteful Nonsense
Arnold – Fantasy for Trumpet, Op. 100
Ketting – Intrada
Berio – Sequenza X
Cage – 4’33”
Plogg – Postcards III
Rabbath – Incantation Pour Junon and Reitba
Makhoshvili – Regreps
Abel – Solo no.1, for Double Bass


George Scoley – Cornet
Robert Dyster – Double Bass

Tickets available via Eventbrite £5 for Students and £12.50 for Adults.