We are delighted to be hosting British Asian musician Aziz Ibrahim for this seasons first Mid-day Manta session at Centrala Space in #Digbeth.

Join us for an afternoon of pure skill and artistry where the master behind #LordOfTheStrings and #DesiGuitR will take you on a unique British South Asian journey based on his family’s migration through The Partition of India and on to their working class experiences in Manchester.

An influential British Pakistani guitarist/singer/songwriter, Aziz’s impressive portfolio spans from working with rock, soul and pop artists (including Stone Roses, Ian Brown and Paul Weller) to composing South Asian symphonies. His discovery of the guitar from the age of seven and the unbelievable path that it has led him on which no other South Asian has ever walked.

His solo works include his acclaimed album telling the story of his family’s journey from Lahore To Longsight’ , the EP ‘Middle Road’ , and album ‘Rusholme Rock with Tabla master Dalbir Singh Rattan’, all showcasing his unique blend of progressive rock and Asian Blues.

Aziz’s most recent project Project72 Desi GuitR Museum Mixtape, supported by Arts Council England and Sampad, will bring you a clash of titans, East and West channeled into a symbiotic energy through music, visual art and a love for South Asian instruments.