Blóm – Leave your human suit at the door and volunteer your ego to be carefully stabbed up by Blóm before letting them lovingly drown you in their home baked, 3 pronged sound calamity. Stick 2 fingers up to the melting intellect of the world outside and let these three cute punx remedy your ills and smash your shopping all over the street. Alternatively, just stay home and keep telling yourself that there are no good bands these days. Bass, drums & vocals. Hardcore, punk, noise, radge. Absolutely essential for healthy teeth.

Squalor FanSqualor Fan, Robert Arthur Bollard, Craig Earp and Douglas Fielding-Smith have been creating a racket around Birmingham since 2017, after recording five tracks in August 2018 @ Bear Bites Horse studios they have since played a series of gigs supporting the likes of Rainbow Grave, The Courtesy Group and Woven Skull. Now they unleash their music for your listening pleasure.