TUNNELS OF AH For veterans of the psychic war. Guiltless ‘industrial’ esoterica, a seance for a fading shoreline. Praise Hail! The Brickburner.

COLOSSLOTH On his second album, Colossloth continues his esoteric sonic crusade of volatile yet absorbing audio textures. Cold electronica, with swathes of rhythmic power noise and industrial harshness, tempered with penetrating song structures. Eleven tracks of austere, reflective and exploratory electronics for journeys made into the hidden realms underpinning daily life, spanning the bridge between gnosis and praxis. The dissonance of opposites falling into elemental synthesis with a sound and approach influenced from the past, present and future, letting us remain anachronistic yet temporal voyeurs in the abyss evoked forth. From the wild hedgerows and deep dark rivers of the Midlands, Leicestershire’s Colossloth makes psychogeographic maladies and invocations to warm the heart of the discerning and intrepid psychonaut. Phonic seeds planted in Blackened soil fertilised by visceral imagination. A fugitive ambience for those seeking solace in the unexpected. From supporting the likes of Tim Hecker and Wrangler, Colossloth’s music alternates between the brooding and abrasive to the transcendental and enchanted. With nods to a multitude of genres – from industrial and ethnic tribalism to caustic electronica, it’s spirit can be found crucified in between the anode and cathode of occult circuitry, transmitting across modern England whispered messages from the lips of the old gods of Albion.

SATØRI The soundtrack to a broken society. “Dispossession” is based on the physical and mental disconnect facing everyone in the modern world. Comprising a mixture of harsh noise and power electronics with harder and heavier percussive beat than before the new material provides a constant pervasive undercurrent of violence, the feeling of a planet on the verge of collapse and a reflection of the lack of humanity embedded in a culture based on greed and self-preservation. Currently recording a brand new album, provisionally called “The Brutal Truth”, Satori continue to explore harsh soundscapes, pounding rhythms and tortured lyrics and, if it is at all possible, the results are getting angrier.