Workshop led by Post-Paradise’s Richard Stenton and Zach Dawson introducing various experimental composition techniques.

Have you been interested in the idea of experimental composition but haven’t been sure about how to approach it? Does it seem like a world away or do you simply want some tips on how to introduce elements of this into your own work? As part of Thinking/Not Thinking Fest, composers Richard Stenton and Zach Dawson (two thirds of new music promoters Post-Paradise) will be leading a workshop which explores the use of contemporary composition in settings outside of traditional performance and gig situations. During this, they will share their knowledge of how they were able to develop a discipline that owes more to DIY approaches than traditional music studies. Whether you’re curious about a world of music you had no idea existed or you’re simply wishing to develop new dimensions of your own music, this workshop is for you.

How do we use these ideas with limited resources?

Can I do this without needing to read music?

Can I do this straight away?

How do I transfer this into other disciplines?

Free to attend. Booking is advised. People that don’t, as of yet, think of themselves as musicians encouraged. No instruments or instrumental ability required.