A fun and innovative introduction to sound art for all young people. Sound the Art workshops take in listening sessions, technical instruction, field recording sessions, group discussions and more. You will discover a variety of techniques for collecting and recording sounds and approaches to staging your own unique sound piece and work towards Bronze Arts Award.

Participants will spend their time in six workshop sessions inventing, creating and playing with new sounding objects. Each participant will contribute to an improvised and generative sound composition that will evolve throughout the workshops, and culminate in a collective work that will be available to download on SoundCloud and performed live front of Centrala audience in May.

There is no need to have experience playing music to take part in the workshops and they are open to people of all musical abilities.

Workshop will be followed by masterclass and performance by Anna Olsson, Sarah Farmer & Richard Scott

To sign up and book your place please follow https://goo.gl/forms/x9AetghD150tVCl53