Ask The White is Isobel Blank (Ant Lion, Isobi, Vestfalia), artist and songwriter, and Simone Lanari (Ant Lion, Walden Waltz, Sycamore Age), producer and composer, they come from Italy. Their first album together “Sum and subtraction” has been released on the 12th October 2018 on LP by Ammiratore Omonimo Records (AOR), a label created and managed in Rome by vonneumann. The album will then be released on CD in Japan in 2019 for Athor Harmonics, Kenichi Mori’s label and music production studio based in Tokyo. Their music is deeply rooted in the folk tradition, but at the same time is open to the wildest contamination, offering a sophisticated sonic palette. Ask The White’s songs are marked by dense and minimal guitar fingerpicking, intertwined with electronics and electroacoustic elements. Intimate lyrical melodies cyclically evolve into two voices harmonies, as arrangements expand and develop dynamically creating extremely pleasurable gems.


Natalie’s musical life began in the womb at a classical concert, when her mother felt her kick at the climax of Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony. As a baby she was weaned on strange sixties music, in a cradle rocked by her father’s foot as he practised guitar. She writes intricate instrumentals and surreal songs about times in Birmingham and beyond, while playing as many instruments as she can get a-hold of. She plays in Kamura Obscura and curates alternative music night Club Integral Midlands Branch.