Wednesday Canvas series – Reading club led by Olga Grotova
Let’s decolonise Eastern Europe!
Post-socialist, post-soviet Central-East Europe identity. What a topic!
It is actually not so easy to speak about it as it is connected both with intimacy and hostility, and embedded in much broader global networks.
But what if we can search for an answer together?
Join us, for the launch of “Wednesday Canvas” to understand why this subject is so complex and hard to define. Together with Olga Grotova, Russian born, London based artist and Daisy Hildyard’s essay ‘The Second Body’ we might find some answers.
The meeting will be focused on the issue of possessing two bodies by all people – one physical and another one rooted in worldwide networks. Problem of two or more identities is an important matter for artist connected with post-communist Russian origin. In her works, fulfilled with deep symbolic essence, identification is migrating, yet still constantly present.
We start from the most crucial questions. Is there such a thing as Central-East European identity and what does it mean to Russian artist?
The “Wednesday Canvas” series is organised in collaboration with the research project ‘Toward a diasporic postsocialism’ based in the Department of Sociology at the University of Warwick, which explores the intersections between postsocialism and postcolonialism through the experiences of Central-East Europeans in Britain.
Please note that this event will be recorded and may be analysed as part of the project – please speak to the organisers if you would prefer not to be included.