WE are back for a brand new season running JAN TO JUNE 2019¬°!
For P o s t – P a r a d i s e (15) we have:

London based french composer Lola de la Mata: Exploring the relationships between the bodies of the instrument and the musician – the singer and the architecture – the physical as visual sound, she often draws on her experiences of the female body, research based on AI, and the appropriation of female voices in corporate products in her practice.

Leicester based Sam Topley whose practice explores sound and technology with textile-based hand crafts such as knitting, embroidery and pompom making & Dirty Electronics (John Richards) in collaboration with Max Wainwright, whose work focuses on shared experiences, ritual, gesture, touch and social interaction.

//Lola de la Mata (https://www.loladelamata.com/)

//Sam Topley (http://www.samantha-topley.co.uk/)

//Dirty Electronics + Max Wainwright (https://www.dirtyelectronics.org/)

Post-Paradise is now in its third season¬°!
We continue to bring THE most interesting artists in the experimental music world to Birmingham.
All events take place on the last Friday of the month (continuing – Feb 2019, March 2019, April 2019, May 2019, June 2019)

More info about this event: http://www.postparadise.ricercata.org/concerts.html