We would like to invite community leaders, organisations and individuals to attend an open Forum to explore the subject of integration and development radical ideologies among the Eastern European (EE) community living in the UK. In the last 2 years we observed a growing number of incidents that are attached politically to the far-right ideology. This Forum is an initiative providing a platform to respond to the concerns that include a number of far- right public speakers invited to the UK, the reported radicalisations in education at Polish Saturday Schools and negative narratives present in the media, presence and influence of Polish far right groups.

The aim of this Forum is to bring together front-line activists, artistic practitioners, community leaders and public participants to exchange knowledge, experience and expertise as to promote positive cultural integration and counter the negative influences. This event will help us to gain a practical knowledge of what far right/extreme right groups are, how to recognise them, and how they affect the Central and Eastern European migrant community. We hope to raise awareness of ideologies that support their negative narratives and discuss methods of broadening engagement with migrant communities in the UK.

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