Produced by Serge Vuille & Adrian Spillett
Millennial Percussion

Maximillian Haft – violin
Serge Vuille – percussion
Merlin Jones – percussion
Matthew DF Evans – sound artist

Programme to include
Serge Vuille – Modulation 360 / 360 modulations
Christopher Lortie – Jouska
Steven Snowden – A Man With a Gun Lives Here
Steve Reich – Four Organs
Michael Daugherty – Lex
Zosha di Castri – Patina
String Motion Sensor is the second of two programmes performed by Millennial Percussion and its friends from Ensemble Contrechamps. No sound can be produced without motion, from the shaking of a maraca to the minute depression of a computer key or speaker membrane. In this programme, we’ll be looking more closely at the motions involved in the production of sound.
Lortie’s Jousja literally tracks the movements of a violin player with a sensor, and uses the data to filter the sound. Four Organs, a solo piece for maracas lasting 20 minutes, tests the performer’s physical endurance to the limit. The remaining works, by di Castri, Daugherty and Snowden, will put these motions in perspective with their compositional processes.
This programme is an invitation to take a fresh look at the symbiotic relationship between musical sound and motion. Don’t miss the prequel, Trash TV Trance on 29 January 2019.
Ensemble Contrechamps kindly supported by City of Geneva & The Stanley Thomas Foundation