So 3 gig Feb looks more like 5 gig Feb and 80% of these gigs have been shoved into one stonking week. The wonderful Faye Elizabeth Smith has booked me in for something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. The amazing and talented Jasmine Gardosi took me in my freshers week to a “jam”. It was at a new haunt of mine, the spotted dog, I met Faye and felt super not cool compared to everyone playing. But there was a vibe, a feeling, and a warmth that I hadn’t felt many times before. I adored what the evening was bringing so obviously, by my never resting logic, messaged Faye in a hope to get something sorted. She was kind enough to get back to me and give me a slot at this pop up over in the digbeth corner of Birmingham. I’ll be playing a 25 minute slot of me own songs and maybe a cover if I feel it ;).
The event is super long, but do not be alarmed, it will be totally worth it, with a constant stream of art you’re not gonna be bored. Come, come I tell you, for Birmingham’s bestest.