Cat’s out the bag!
Thinking/Not Thinking Fest will return in April 2019 for not only the first festival in our new home of Birmingham, but also our first three day extravaganza of what might be our most ambitious programming to date.

More details to follow!


Nottingham based Nacht Und Nebel creates harsh, blissful and cathartic scraps of distorted sound. The equivalent of a sonic panic attack….


Nottingham based Blackcloudsummoner creates unsettlingly warped bass heavy drones to mangle your brain. Witness Andy open a big portal….


Dublin based Luxury Mollusc works on the premise of creating a bleakly disturbing harsh wall of industrial noise. Like being locked away in a torture chamber and subjected to horrible acts….


Birmingham based Steckdose creates hypnotic dark ambient textures compiled from field recordings, various synths, effects. Pensive textures……

£5 (No one turned away for lack of funds)