Exploring the role of artists as pioneers of new systems, The New Artist Economy features a discussion and panel of artists redefining economics and creating their own infrastructures and solutions for sustainable practice.


Jessica Cheetham – a director, producer and faciliator. As part of Spun Glass Theatre, Jessica set up The Spark Factory, a theatre co-operative, working to find a model that offers an affordable route to fringe festival participation.

Imbue – an artist whose work is collected and exhibited internationally. He’s had solo and group exhibitions in London, Brighton, Paris, Osaka and more. Through projects like Artobox and the 24 Hour Art Club, Imbue finds interesting ways of promoting and distributing art.

Paula Varjack – a performance artist, writer and filmmaker. Paula’s recent project ‘Show Me The Money’ is a playful investigation of making art in the time of austerity. The development blog Paula produced while making this show disseminated some of the research, while also serving as a compilation of useful money-related artist resources.

Hosted by Amahra Spence, artist, producer and founder of MAIA. Amahra is currently developing Art Hotel, a multipurpose space for presenting, developing and accommodating artists and people interested in culture. Other projects include Alternative Civics, PROTOTYPE, an event to crowdfund artistic projects & P.O.C. – a network for producers of colour.

The event is part of MAIA’s new project, ‘Alternative Civics’, an artist-led initiative to study, reinterpret and develop new forms of economics and civic health, engagement & power. In doing so, the project seeks to highlight the myriad of ways in which artists contribute and respond to all matters of civic life.

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