Kamura Obscura recently completed a new EP “Socrates’ Garden”, with a stunning cover design from Naomi Oppenheim. Songs from this album will be performed with prodigious guests, Bethany Kay and DJ Sseeaann Rrooee.

DJ Sseeaann Rrooee

Photographer and musician who lives in Stroud from whence he runs his online record store JunKroom Records – specialising in unusual and rare items. For tonight’s event expect a selection of Japanese post-punk and experimental sounds.


Bethany Kay

Bethany, one of The Nature Centre, sings songs of journeys, whimsy, tory cruelty and swimming with a voice of urgency. Expect banjo, imbalance and honesty.



Kamura Obscura

“Uncanny vocal delicacy. What a haunting piece of work this is.” Clive Bell, The WIRE Magazine. Nov 2008

“Traditional Japanese song with haunting falsetto, both guitarist and violinist picking at their strings to create a stark background to the singing.” Birmingham Review, Oct 2016

Kamura Obscura are Atsuko Kamura (vocal, synth, fx) Natalie Mason (strings, piano, accordion) and Robert Storey (guitar, producer and arranger).

Atsuko Kamura

One of Tokyo’s most emotive and inventive singers. From beginnings with Mizutama Shobodan (Polka Dot Fire Brigade), Fred Frith – produced Japanese agit-prop feminist pioneers, to London and the Frank Chickens with their Channel 4 TV show, to her current exploration of experimental composition and improvisation with a political message.

Natalie Mason

Birmingham-born classically trained, multi-instrumentalist and composer. The leader of an innovative music project, Multicultural Music Making and organiser of Club Integral Midlands Branch. With an experience of living in South Africa, she writes intricate instrumentals and surreal songs about times in Birmingham and beyond, while playing as many instruments as she can get a-hold of.

Robert Storey

Described as Post-Splunk DIY icon, Robert Storey (Resonance 104.4 FM, Orchestre Murphy) has been making music since the late seventies largely with his loose Murphy CollectiveMurphy Federation, Orchestre Murphy, Murphy No Geisha, Laboratoires Murphy, and other side projects. He also produced for Bing Selfish, I am A Kamura and Lotus Pedals with ever disguised names such as Thoth, Earl Killorglin. Despite his low-key web-profile, here are some reviews to depict his music.

“Immaculately crafted songs combined with a bit of sly wigging-out and a few poignant instrumentals. Lyrically without equal, it’s a foray into toe-tapping inventiveness — ironic, witty and a little outlandish. Moving restlessly between miniature improvisations — musical invocations of domestic tableaux — and craftily mock-heroic, swooningly epic ballads” Amazon editorial review