During August’s Digbeth First Friday we focus on the theme of Invasion and Uprising. We celebrate 1968 anniversary with short movie screening about Prague Spring and its effect on popular culture alongside with the recordings of singer Marta Kubišová, which song became a symbol of that period in Czechoslovakia.

The Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia was one of the major political and cultural events of 1968, happening all over Europe. After a few months of liberalization in Czechoslovakia during the spring of 1968, The Soviet Union and other members of the Warsaw Pact invaded the country to stop the reforms and start the occupation. That period of time, which combined political freedom and oppression triggered an interesting cultural vibe of politically engaged art.

Our event is a part of exhibition – “Eastern Bloc Songs: Party, Pop & Politics” by Wayne Burrows which addresses the question about connections between popular music and political situation in Eastern Bloc Countries during the Soviet regime. “Invasion night” is one five film screening events with collaboration with Lodz Film School (Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna im. Leona Schillera w Łodzi) and #uprisingf68 initiative, produced by BFI Film Audience Network with support from the National Lottery. The project is about providing 1968 year legacy across the UK via cinematic experience – short and full-length movies (you can find more info here: http://spiritof68.org.uk/ )