As part of Digbeth First Friday in partnership with Centrala

Flatpack Film Festival Presents:

Flatpack 12 Preview: Downstairs from 6pm

A free programme of shorts and trailers to give you a taste of coming attractions. The festival proper launches on 13 April.


‘Navigation’ is an evolving archive of a site – Paradise (Circus), Birmingham, UK as part of my membership of Black Hole Club at Vivid Projects.

‘Navigation_x’ marks a major transition in not only the form of Paradise but also the function – from civic to commercial. Specifically, it captures a moment in the demolition of Central Library (John Madin, 1974) in 2016. The model/film, generated from the contractors’ drone footage, documents not the end of this much-contested structure but secures its future presence. [developed from work made with ‘The Modern Gazetteer‘, a Co. Lab project at the @bcu_bsoad @bcu_march]

A VIGIL STRANGE // Giant Axe Field + Oscar Cass-Darweish

AV performance including real-time manipulation of digital video, 3D scanning and computer vision techniques, added to and triggered by live drums, bass and guitar.

Oscar Cass-Darweish is a digital practitioner with an interest in ways that code can mediate experience.

Giant Axe Field are duo Simon Bailey and Sean O’Keeffe.