SIKSA are a PUNK duo from POLAND! with the lyrical substance strongly oscillating around the topic of FEMINISM with strong irony and sarcasm depicting and attacking the image of WOMEN imposed by mass media and reality within the frames of nova-days modern society!

The HerStory of SIKSA is a part of the history of this country and the world, the history that she long ago decided to end forever. Her performances are a real rollercoaster. Perfo-punk that reminds you why you wanted to grow up when you were a kid, and now that you’re all grown up, you wanna go back to being a kid. SIKSA is an infantile and antisocial nightmare taken from punk, theatre and literary scenes, with a bit of R.I.P. R.A.P. Call it a concert, theatre, monodrama or contemporary art, but never forget that SIKSA is dead serious. She doesn’t troll, she doesn’t giggle, so you’re out of luck. SIKSA is created by Alex (a non-actress), who rants and screams to vulgar bass performances composed by Buri (a non-musician). If you plan on doing something nasty or treacherous towards SIKSA, you better watch out, because SIKSA knows that REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD. FFO: be like SIKSA, stop fucking about.